Premium Hydrangea, White (30 stems)

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    • Beautiful as filler on other their own
    • Average stem length: 23 inches
    • Average bloom size: 7 inches
    • Available year round depending on weather
  • Description

    Order this lovely arrangement of Premium Hydrangea, White (30 stems), to add a classic elegance to your home, event, or wedding. These crisp white florals are always a crowd-pleaser. Hydrangeas can easily be used as a filler or interest to a larger, varied flower arrangement or make a bold statement.

    What Does This Package Contain?

    This package of Premium Hydrangea flowers includes over two dozen stems with an approximate length of 23 inches and bloom size of approximately 7 inches. Each order of fresh cut flowers will be shipped with water bags added to the stems to keep them hydrated during transport.

    When Should Your Premium Hydrangea Order Be Placed?

    It is suggested that you place your order within seven and 30 days in advance so that your order can arrive two days before any set event. Transfers are available between Tuesday and Friday. If you are ordering fresh flowers for an event falling on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, arrange for your flowers to be delivered on the preceding Thursday. Please also ensure that you or someone else will be available to receive the package as a name will be required for the parcel to be released.

    What Care and Re-Hydration Techniques Help Preserve the Appearance of Your Premium Hydrangea Order?

    To keep your fresh flowers looking fabulous, follow these hydration steps immediately after receiving your package. Fill a clean vase with fresh, cold water and add flower food (included with your purchase). Then trim one-half inch from the bottom of each hydrangea stem using scissors or a knife. Additionally, trim off any of the flowers' foliage that will fall below the waterline of the vase. Arrange the hydrangea flowers in the jar and keep in a cool location, away from direct sunlight, and allow about four hours for full hydration. For continued care, keep up the water level in the hydrangeas' vase, as hydrangeas love water. If your flowers are looking particularly dull, dunk the enter flower upside-down into cold water for approximately 20 minutes to revive.

    To add a vibrant touch to your next gathering, use hydrangea flowers as a centerpiece, in a bouquet, or hanging from chairs. Amazingly versatile and always classic, these appealing flowers are sure to make any special event a beautiful occasion.


    Due to differences in monitor resolution, color intensity may vary from actual items. Slight shade variations from the real picture may occur because these products are natural.

    Pack contains: 30 stems

    Approx. stem length: 60 cm/23 in

    Approx. bloom size: 18 cm/7 in

    Flower Care and Conditioning

    Before your hydrangeas ship, they are prepared for their journey with just hydration methods. If your flowers appear sleepy and thirsty after their journey, it is normal.

    Just follow these easy steps for proper re-hydration:

    • Unpack your flowers immediately upon arrival, but leave them in the corrugated wrap. Let them hydrate 1-2 hours before removing the corrugated cover.
    • Fill a clean container/vase with fresh, cold water.
    • Using a sharp knife or scissors, make a clean cut at least a 1/2 inch off the end of the stem.
    • Place the flowers in the prepared container.
    • Allow 4 hours for proper hydration.
    • Arrange flowers as desired.
    • Do not place flowers in immediate sunlight and keep in a cool location.
    • Change water and re-cut stems every 24 hours.
    • Hydrangeas love water! Make sure to control water levels in boxes. If needed, dunk the entire flower head in cold water for approximately 20 minutes.
    • Remove any foliage that drops below the waterline of your box. Leaves will rot and cause bacteria to form and shorten the flower's life.

    Important Delivery Information

    A mark will be required for the package to be released. Please have someone available to receive your order on the delivery date. This will ensure that your order is not sent back for next-day delivery.

    Fresh flowers are ready for delivery Tuesday through Friday.

    For metropolitan area deliveries, arrival is between 8 a.m. and noon. For local or rural area games, entry is between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

    Shipments may be delayed by weather or other unforeseen circumstances such as U.S. Customs holds or cold, which could result in shipping and delivery dates being modified. Please reach FedEx for particular messages or pick-up options concerning weather delays.

    Although your order will be shipped late, please allow a minimum of 7 days for the handling and transportation process.

    Substitution Policy

    To assure optimum freshness, different varieties may be substituted based on availability. In making changes, we take great care to ensure that we exceed your expectations and that you will be satisfied with the 

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