Dubble Bubble Gumballs Assorted Fruit Flavors, Select Size

Dubble Bubble Gumballs Assorted Fruit Flavors, Select Size

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    • Dubble Bubble is the leading manufacturer in gumballs
    • A machine branded with Dubble Bubble is proven to increase sales
    • The sell thru of just one box or one fill of your vending machine will probably generate enough profit to pay for your machine investment
    • Dubble Bubble brands each gumball with our Dubble Bubble Logo
    • This mix is the standard eight flavors and eight colors gumball mix seen everywhere
  • Description

    Putting a quarter in a gumball party is the highlight of many children's day. With the Dubble Bubble Assorted Gumballs, Select Size, you can bring a smile to children in your area. Those packages of Dubble Bubble gum allow you to choose which Size great fits your machine to dispense gumballs to the masses adequately.

    What Sizes Of Dubble Bubble Assorted Gumballs, Select Sizes Are Available?

    You can choose from seven different gumball sizes. There are 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 19mm, 22mm, 23mm, and 24mm. All these Dubble Bubble gumballs are under 1-inch diameter. To order the appropriately sized ball, check your machine to ensure you have the proper size mechanism to dispense the treats. If you get tiny balls in comparison to your opening, it will distribute many balls with each quarter.

    Along with the different sizes, the bulk gum packages come with varying amounts of gum. A 13-millimeter gumball box comes with 8,500 pieces, while a 24-millimeter box only has 850. Check the package information to verify how many pieces of gum come in the package.

    What Are The Dubble Bubble Gum Flavors Included In The Box?

    In each package, no matter what Size gumball, you get eight flavors. They include strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, lemon-lime, peach, cherry, banana, and grape. It comes as an assortment, so all eight characters are in each box.

    What Machine Size Does the Dubble Bubble Gum Work?

    The Size of the company depends on the Size of the gumball. More giant gumballs, such as the 24 millimeters, need a larger opening to distribute the balls to the consumer. Check your device for a measurement of the opening to ensure you get the right product. Capacity size, i.e., how many it holds, can be any size. It is the dispensing mechanism that makes a difference.

    Can You Sell Dubble Bubble Gum Flavors On Shelves At A Store?

    While these cases of Dubble Bubble are meant for resale, they are no designed to sit on a shelf, waiting for eager customers to choose their favorite. These balls are not individually packaged. To resell them, you should use a vending machine.


    • Choose from 7 different sizes
    • 13 millimeters in diameter - 8,500 candy pieces
    • 14 millimeters in diameter - 5,800 candy pieces
    • 15 millimeters in diameter - 3,650 candy pieces
    • 19 millimeters in diameter - 1,900 candy pieces
    • 22 millimeters in diameter - 1,640 candy pieces
    • 23 millimeters in diameter - 1,080 candy pieces
    • 24 millimeters in diameter - 850 candy pieces

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