ArtSkills Premium 40 Piece Brush Set Includes Metal Palette Knife

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    • 40-piece set: Includes multiple flat edge, one-stroke, angled, filbert, liner, detail and fan brushes
    • Palette knife: Lets you mix and blend paints
    • Storage container: Allows easy storage, cleanup and drying
    • Flexible: Compatible with different types of medium
  • Description

    Boost artistic creativity with this ArtSkills 40-piece added brush set. The wide selection of brush types lets you take the perfect tool for every painting technique, while the included two-part container allows secure storage, washing, and drying. Use the palette knife to mix colors and get the perfect blend or scrape the paint off your palette.

    This ArtSkills 40-piece premium bush set includes a guide to help you choose the right brush for every technique. The flat edge brush spreads paint quickly and evenly, while the fine brush offers short and detailed strokes. Create fine lines with the plane and texture with the fan brush. Use the filbert brush to blend soft, round edges and the angled brush to fill corners and paint curved strokes.

    These ArtSkills paint covers absorb a large amount of medium and water and offer an even flow and distribution into your canvas. Use this set to practice your techniques and create museum-worthy works of art. Made with synthetic bristles, these brushes are easy to clean and withstand daily use.

    Versatile Use

    Designed for use in the classroom, arts-and-crafts sessions, and parties, this ArtSkills 40-piece gift brush set may be used with different mediums. Use liquid or solid watercolor to create soft, impressionistic paintings or acrylic to produce abstract illustrations or vice versa. Get a feel for the different mediums with this brush set and choose the paint that brings out your creative potential.

    What types of paint can be used with these brushes?

    This ArtSkills 40-piece gift brush set may be used with watercolors, acrylics, gouache, and other mediums for arts-and-crafts projects in the classroom or at home.


    ArtSkills 40 Piece Brush Set Includes:

    • Four flat edge brushes
    • 7 one stroke brushes
    • Three angled brushes
    • Four filbert brushes
    • Six liner brushes
    • Nine detail brushes
    • Six fan brushes
    • One palette knife
    • One storage container

    Assembled Size

    3.5" x 3.5" x 10"